The interest of Luis dos Santos in photography started many years ago, but it was not until the dawn of the digital photography age that his interest started to fundament itself into something more perdurable. These technological advances enabled his camera's abilities to be surpassed and enabled him to strike a perfect balance between realism and abstraction, representing the essential of the subject while abstaining form attempting a pure documentary style.

Passionate about architecture, Luis dos Santos sources inspiration from urban environments, in which he seeks to capture dynamism and majesty, whether they are historical or contemporary. Spellbound by both interiors as well as vast cityscapes, Luis dos Santos’ style tends to draw from the principles of Bauhaus when photographing modern or contemporary architecture, but can transmute into something much bolder in order to bring out the grunginess found in some historical locations. He is mostly interested in surfacing what isn’t immediately apparent and he is mostly motivated by shapes and lines, patterns and colour harmony.

He often travels abroad in order to capture new and original constructions. He has participated in numerous international exhibitions, and his images are also highly appreciated and commentated online on specialised blogs.

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